NICTSED CyberSAFE Challenge Trophy 2021 Virtual Discourse

TEAM COORDINATOR (Teacher in Charge)

School Teacher


Team Leader

Presenter 2


  1. One school is only allowed to submit one (1) entry.

  2. Each team comprises of two (2) main members and one (1) reserve.

  3. Submissions must include presentations from all the registered members of the team (main and reserve).
    • Only registered members will be eligible for NICTSeD 2021.

  4. Upon qualification for NICTSeD 2021, all three (3) team members will be invited to participate in the national level competition.
    • In the event that one (1) of the team members is unable to attend the national level competition. The remaining two (2) team members are allowed to go on to represent the team at nationals however, they cannot replace the team member who is unable to attend. 

  5. Team members can be any student of Form 1 to Form 5, from the same school.
    • The qualifying team is NOT allowed to change the registered team members.

  6. School(s) with the best submission(s) will be selected to represent their state for the nationals.

  7. If a selected school pulls out, a replacement team will be selected by the organizers.

  8. The selected schools MUST confirm their participation within 7 days once the results are announced.

  9. The title for the qualifying submission is: “PREPARING CYBER-ETHICAL STUDENTS FOR THE DIGITAL CLASSROOM”

  10. Submission must be in the form of:

    10.1 Video:
    1. Link to the uploaded video in FLIPGRID
    2. Video presentation: Maximum five (5) minutes.
    3. Each of the three (3) members of the team MUST speak for at least one (1) minute. (Main team members and reserve.)
  11. File naming shall be as follows: e.g SUBMISSIONFILE_SCHOOLCODE_SCHOOLNAME

  12. Video Link – e.g NICTSeDQ_SchoolCode_SchoolName
  13. Period of submission starts from 12.00 am on 27th MAY 2021 until 11.59 pm on 30th JUNE 2021. All submissions after the deadline will be disqualified.

  14. Submissions must be made through respective link

  15. Submission MUST be original, copyrighted materials are PROHIBITED
    Note: teams are reminded that
    • the content of their submission carries a 40% weight in the selection process

  16. Jurors’ decision is FINAL. No appeal will be entertained.

  17. The teams which qualify for NICTSeD2021 will be announced through CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Social Media on 30th JULY 2021.

  18. Qualified teams will be contacted through a formal invitation letter.

  19. Qualified teams will compete in NICTSeD 2021 preliminary rounds virtually. (16th Aug to 20th Aug 2021). 

  20. The Grand Finals will be held in October 2021.

  21. By submitting, the team has agreed to our terms and conditions.



  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for this competition without prior notice.
  • MOE and CyberSecurity Malaysia reserve the right to use any or all materials information presented during the discourse.

For general inquiries, please contact organizer through email: